My name is Mitch Mestancik, I am the owner and founder of Electricut. I started by providing lawn care and landscaping services for friends and family in April of 2012. Since graduating from the Business Administration – Marketing program at Lambton College in April 2015, I have been focusing on building Electricut.

I’ve always loved working outside with my hands and knew that I could never work a job where I was stuck in an office. Over the past several years, I have been inspired by Elon Musk and the innovations that his companies, Tesla and SpaceX, have been creating. It is through this inspiration that I have decided to try and do my own part, no matter how small, in helping make this world a better place to live for everyone.

Not knowing where to begin, I began thinking of how I could combine my love of working outside with the desire to make a difference in the community. After a little bit of research I was disturbed to find just how damaging traditional lawn care can be. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans use about 2.3 billion liters of fuel every year on lawn care and that they spill approximately 64 million liters while filling their equipment. To put that into perspective, a 40 foot long tanker holds about 34,000 liters. That’s like dumping almost 1900 fully loaded tanker trucks of fuel every year!

After learning this and seeing that, for the most part, the lawn care industry is continuing as they had for the past several decades, I knew I wanted to try and change it. Hence, the idea of Electricut was born.

The environmental benefits aside, electric equipment is much quieter and cleaner than its gasoline or diesel counterparts. Although battery powered equipment still has its limitations, they will quickly be overcome as battery prices drop and battery energy storage increases.


Our vision is to help create a cleaner and quieter community while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing consumers with the option of an electric lawn care service.


Electricut is an electric lawn care company that uses battery powered electric equipment to cut down on noise and air pollution without compromising quality of service.